Under towering redwoods, a group of friends search for adventure as they uncover the legends of California's roadside attractions.

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Feeling like America has lost it’s appetite for mystery and wonder, a group of creatives take to the road looking to uncover the real life legends behind California’s roadside attractions. As the team explores how technology, transportation and culture have impacted the Great American Road Trip, they begin to uncover similarities between roadside attractions and their own creative pursuits.

"500ft Ahead" is a documentary film about adventure and the unknown. It explores the people and places that cater to the curious while challenging viewers to explore the question, "What's worth stopping for?"



Jason Calhoun

Jason is veteran documentary filmmaker who's worked with war heroes, like Louis Zamperini, and sports celebrities like, Jim Rome. He tackled real world issues like human trafficking in, "Stopping Traffic," and family loss in, "Ears For Isaac." Jason has worked with companies like Facebook, Coke, Animal Planet, Intel, Adidas, Nomad and Nissan to bring their visions to life. He's run two successful crowdfunding campaigns for documentary films and is currently in co-production on the Suburban Pilgrims crowdfunded documentary.


Aaron Robbins

Aaron has been working in the digital media world for over 20 years. He currently serves as a consultant in the broadcast and higher education fields. In 2014, Aaron started a game development summer camp for elementary aged students and trained over 100 youngsters how to code. He's an avid podcaster appearing on shows like Dole Whips & Dark Rides, The Part Time Author Podcast, The Sweep Spot and is the producer of Best Quiz Ever. He runs several YouTube channels related to game development, which have garnered thousands of active subscribers. Aaron loves California and makes exceptional waffles.


Eric Roberts

Eric is graphic designer and motion graphics artist currently working in the higher education sector. With production ready skills in both digital and print mediums Eric has been an integral part of numerous projects including large scale theatrical and musical productions. Eric attended art school in San Francisco and still makes it back to his old stomping grounds once a month as a reservist in the United States Coast Guard.


Toby Momtaz

Toby holds a degree in Film and Digital Cinema Production and currently works as a Production Coordinator in a top 20 nationally ranked media market. He is also an independent filmmaker involved in a variety of award-winning documentaries produced for television broadcasts and indie short films. Although Toby's past projects have ranged from commercial and corporate mass media content creation to producing public service announcements, he is most passionate about the art of visual storytelling, particularly in the form of documentaries that provide education, awareness, ideas, art, and adventure.